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SP-808EX firmware - Upgrade your SP-808 to SP-808EX

Turning your OG SP-808 into the SP-808EX

The SP-808 Groove Sampler is the first product of its kind—a sampling and recording workstation which is one part professional-quality phrase sampler; one part hard disk audio recorder. Developed to meet the needs of a growing “remix” and sampling-based music market, the SP-808 provides everything DJs, sampling musicians and remix artists need to lay down fat grooves and create professional-quality remixes.

After a few years Roland released the SP-808EX with a 250MB Zipdrive instead of the 100MB of the first SP-808. New vocal and guitar multi-effects, 10-band vocoder, Voice Transformer and Mic Simulator, plus dozens of DJ-oriented groove effect were added too. Besides that a new Virtual Analog Mono Synth was addes too. Positive part was that you were able to start up without inserting a Zip Disk to have at least access to the new features although the samplepart, trackmixer and sequencer were not accessible

The firmware of the SP-808EX can be installed into the OG SP-808. To do that you will need the following file and check out the video below about how to do flash the firmware. It´s an easy job!

SP-808 EX FIRMWARE (7066 downloads )
Upgrade your OG SP-808 to the SP-808EX
V-Producer (Roland VP-9000) for Windows

V-Producer (Roland VP-9000) for Windows

V-Producer (Roland VP-9000) for Windows (4214 downloads )

V-Producer combines the reliability of the VP-9000 hardware with the convenience of your personal computer. Now you can control everything from encoding and wave editing to building arrangements, mixing and effects using a computer screen and mouse. Let V-Producer open the door to a new way of making music with VariPhrase.

V-Producer’s Main Window offers intuitive “drag and drop” sequencing of phrases loaded in the VP-9000. Build your song onscreen, then open the Mixer Window for graphic 6-channel mixing of the VP-9000’s multitimbral parts. You can even control the VP-9000’s internal effects and routing graphically via the Effects Window.

A single copy of V-Producer can be used to control up to six VP-9000’s. Create a complete VariPhrase workstation with up to 36 audio tracks (36 voices or 36 multitimbral parts) and bring it all together under one simple, elegant program. V-Producer is the software that grows with your hardware.

While V-Producer is designed to work as a stand-alone application, it can also be synchronized with other hardware and software sequencers—even if they’re run on the same computer—using MTC (MIDI Time Code). Or, simply export your V-Producer arrangement as a Standard MIDI File. The choice is yours.

CD KEY: Check the video

Turning your Korg M3R into a Korg M1

The Korg M1 is a synthesizer and music workstation manufactured by Korg from 1988 to 1995. The M1 was advertised as a ‘workstation’ rather than a synthesizer, integrating composition and performance features into a single device. It features 16-voice polyphony, high-quality digital samples (including drum sounds), an integrated 8-track sequencer and digital effects processing.

Released after the Korg M1, the Korg M3R is a stripped-down budget version of Korg’s most popular synthesizer at the time. It uses the same AI synthesis data, but the patch structure is different.
Besides the fact it is a rack module it also doesn´t offer the sequencer.

The original sounds of the M1 are used in many songs and with this download you can have those legendary sounds at your fingertips with your M3R.
Check out the video I made to get an impression of the sounds. And yes…those sounds are incredible!

Any good? Demo-Korg M1 sound card for the Korg M3R

Well, download the sysex-file and load those sounds into your Korg M3R.
Just click the download button and buy me a coffee to give me a great day 🙂


Korg M3R – M1 Factory Sounds (6912 downloads )