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Roland SP-808 Files

SP-808 Upgrade to SP-808ex (3057 downloads) to turn your SP-808 (Black) into the e-studio version (RED)
Roland A6-MIDI File (619 downloads) to turn your SP-808 into an Edirol A-6. (Grey)
SP-808 Manual (English) (571 downloads)
SP-808 eMix Studio Manual (English) (702 downloads)
SP-808 Service Notes (659 downloads)
Roland A-6 VideoCanvas Manual - English (482 downloads)
Roland A-6 VideoCanvas Manual en Castellano (286 downloads)
SP-808 Wave Converter for Windows (2621 downloads)
Roland SP-808 Handleiding Nederlands (90 downloads)
Roland SP-808 eMix Manuale d'Uso Italiano (90 downloads)
Roland SP-808 eMix Manual Castellano (67 downloads)
Roland SP-808 eMix Mode d'Emploi (57 downloads)
Roland SP-808 Turbo Start English (82 downloads)
Roland SP-808 Sample CDs List (139 downloads)
SP-808 Demo Disk 100MB (33 downloads)
SP-808 e-Mix Studio Demo Disk 250Mb (33 downloads)

1Tekneek WAV-Packs

These WAV-packs are derived from the Packs for the Roland MV-8000/8800.
Check out this video to get an idea about the samples.

1Tekneek Dats & Zips WAV-Samples 280MB (125 downloads)
1Tekneek - The Holy Grail WAV 715MB (78 downloads)
1Tekneek - The Archives as WAV-Files (86 downloads)
1Tekneek Pandora's Box - WAV-Samples (159 downloads)

The Ultimate Drum Kit Archive

This archive contains 3.96GB of drum computer WAV-files. You really can’t imagine how many samples it contains. Every available drum computer or kits from synths sampled and available for free download.
The Ultimate Drum Kit Archive (complete archive)
The Ultimate Drum Kit Archive (A – F) 1.29GB
The Ultimate Drum Kit Archive (H – O) 728MB
The Ultimate Drum Kit Archive (P – Z) 1.95GB

Sample Packs

A collection of WAV-samples coming from Akai. Very nice to have 😉
Da Mob Collection 305MB (90 downloads)
Fault Collection 3GB (258 downloads)
Festival Collection 570MB (46 downloads)
Urban Collection 512MB (74 downloads)
UK Dance Collection 205MB (59 downloads)
Trap Collection 695MB (75 downloads)
No Utopia Collection 175MB (59 downloads)
Melodic Collection 640MB (75 downloads)
House Collection 170MB (69 downloads)


An archive with fonts used by Roland
Roland Synth Fonts (3914 downloads)

Roland Fonts used by TMM

Korg M1 Sound Library for Korg M3R

RPC-00P M1 sounds for the Korg M3R (597 downloads)

Behringer BCR-2000 Templates

BCR-2000 template for Roland MKS70/JX10 (658 downloads)
BCR-2000 Template for Roland MKS-50/Alpha Juno (685 downloads)
VariOS-8 BCR2000 Template (591 downloads)

Roland JP-08 Vintage Sound Pack

JP-08 Vintage Sound Pack (138 downloads)

MIDI Files (.mid)

5058x MIDI Files from 1997 (79 downloads) Found on a CD-ROM from 1997! Really a huge archive of MIDI-Files.