The SP-808 Archive


SP-808 Demo Disk 100MB (21 downloads)  – Create your own copy of the 100MB included zip disk. What you need? An external Zip drive connected to your computer and this download. Then just copy the files to a SP-808 pre-formated Zip Disk and you’re good to go.

SP-808 e-Mix Studio Demo Disk 250Mb (17 downloads) – Same as the 100MB DEMO disk but now for 250 Zip Drives/Zip Disks. Owners of a 250MB Zip Drive can also download the 100MB Demo Disk  to create also a copy of their own.

SP-808 Upgrade to SP-808ex (1151 downloads)  – Turn your OG SP-808 into an eMix-Studio
Upd SMF for Mac (408 downloads) – Program to send the files to your SP-808 from your Mac computer
Upd SMF for Windows (576 downloads) – Program send the files to your SP-808 from your Windows computer
Roland A6-MIDI File (546 downloads)  You want to turn your SP-808 in an A6? Well….with this MIDI file you’re good to go.


SP-808 Manual (English) (522 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Manual English
Roland SP-808 Handleiding Nederlands (45 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix Handleiding Nederlands
SP-808 eMix Studio Manual (English) (643 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix studio Manual English
SP-808 Service Notes (606 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Service Notes English
Roland SP-808 eMix Manuale d'Uso Italiano (44 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix Manuale d’Uso Italiano
Roland SP-808 eMix Manual Castellano (32 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix Manual Castellano
Roland SP-808 eMix Mode d'Emploi (28 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix Mode d’Emploi
Roland SP-808 Turbo Start English (38 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Turbo Start English
Roland SP-808 Sample CDs List (65 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Sample CDs List

SP-808 Sample CDs as WAV

SP-808 Creative Essentials_1 - Rhythm Guitar FX (63 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_2 - Percussion Grooves (72 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_4 - Dance Vocals (40 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_6 - Trance Formation (56 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_8 - Sounds of India (47 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_12 - Hip Hop & (61 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_14 - Live Bass Grooves (42 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_15 - World Class Breaks (42 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_16 - Drum and Percussion Tools (52 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_17 - Bass Separates (53 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_18 - Rock and Pop Vocals (36 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_22 - Reggae Connection (36 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_24 - Funk Construction (43 downloads)
SP-808 Creative Essentials_26 - Vintage Keyboards (61 downloads)

For Developers

We all want to solve the Zip-drive issue of the SP-808.
If someone is good at programming, try the SP-808 Develop Monitor.
Hold Locator 3 + Effects above C and turn the unit on.
Now you’re in that mode but I have no idea what it does.
Good luck!

General info

Polyphony:           4 Stereo Voices
Sampler:               44.1kHz and 32kHz sample-rates, holds up to 1,024 samples (16 pads x 64 banks)
Sequencer:          64 songs, 2000 events per song
Filter:                   Filter effect: lowpass resonant, low boost; Isolator effect: isolate hi, mid or low bands
Effects:                 GrooveSampler: 99 preset patches, 99 user patches; e-Studio: 25 algorithms, 149 preset patches, 149 user patches
Memory:               100 MB Zip Drive (250 MB in e-Mix Studio)
Control:                 MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, MMC, MTC, MIDI Clock
Date Produced:  1998 – GrooveSampler; 2000 – e-Studio