MV-8800 Archive

Welcome to the MV-8X00 Archive!
02-02-2022 – I’ve changed the name to MV-8X00 instead of only MV-8800 because I will also collect information about the MV-8000 here.
A central place where you’ll find manuals in different languages, press releases, patches, workshops and more.
Missing something what you do have? Please share missing content to make this as complete as possible.
Thanks a lot!




Content Discs

MV-8800 Content Discs (62 downloads) – This download contains all the content of the original MV-8800 discs.
It’s not an ISO, just an easy files with all folders

Press Releases

Software Updates

Never update an MV-8800 with the software for the MV-8000 and the other way around.
It will brick your unit!!


The DIF-AT24 expansion is only for people with the original MV8-OP1 because it only works through R-BUS.
With this unit you can add an extra MIDI-out to your MV (R1-R16) next to the two existing ones (A1-16/B1-16)
It doesn’t add an extra MIDI-in, unfortunately.

1Tekneek Patches

Proud and honoured that producer 1Tekneek contacted me to tell me that my platform is the place to be to share his 4 Expansions packs for free. His aim (same like mine) is to keep the MV alive and kicking and that it will inspire others to create packs too. That’s what makes the MV-community strong and great.
So, we don’t charge anymore for our patches. Instead I ask for a donation for what it is worth to you.
Keeping the website up to date has its costs. Also I would like to invest in things like an DIF-AT24, Edirol V-8 V-Link and other equipment.
So, buy me a coffee or become a Patreon and show your gratitude 😉
of course you can



First off I want to thank TheMidiManiac for all the great content and support over the years!! The MV is one of the best kept secrets in production history. After diving deep into the MV it’s undoubtedly a start to finish production center piece even for today standards in 2022. I really wanted to add my contribution to this great piece of gear with my expansions to bring the MV to future sounds of today.

Thank you to everyone that purchased the expansions!!! I felt the best way to keep the MV alive, was to place my expansions in good hands to move forward in the future, so that’s why I decided to make it free on TheMidiManiac’s website as it has a lot of great resources for the MV. All donations will be used for to keep this site up, so no donation is too little. Thank you again for all the support, till next time,1Tek”

1Tekneek - The Holy Grail

Almost 2 GB of exclusive MV-patches.
Divided in 8 folders!
Link to download

Another 2GB expansion pack with exclusive MV-patches.
Divided in 7 folders!
Link to download

The Archives
Again 2GB expansion pack with exclusive MV-patches.
Divided in separate folders!
Link to download

Another 2GB expansion pack with exclusive MV-patches.
Divided in separate folders!
Link to download

This is my own Sample Pack.
Link to Download: TMM Sample Pack (150 downloads)
Take a listen here to the included examples.


VGA MV-8000 DIY PDF (26 downloads) This PDF contains an explanation about how to create a VGA/MOUSE expansion yourself.