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M1 patches for the M3R

Download here the SYSEX-file to transform your M3R into an M1.
RPC-00P M1 sounds for the Korg M3R (1567 downloads)
Sounds can be pre-listened in this video.
You DON’T need the card which is shown in the video because the M3R uses the internal PCM-sounds.
The card only uses a combination of those sounds.

The download for the Korg M3R contains the stock sounds of the Korg M1 and also the original M3R Stock Sounds in case you want to have them restored.

How to set the M3R in sysex receive mode?
In Global go to 4A MIDI DUMP.
In order to receive data the MIDI Global channel must match to that of the transmitting device and memory must set on ‘OFF’.
Now prepare your sending device to start sending.
The M3R will automatically start receiving.


More Patches

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