Remake ‘Something About Us’

Two years ago I did a remake of the Daft Punk song ‘Something About Us’. Reason was to use the Roland VP-9000 for the vocals. Also other challenge was to use only stock sounds of the machines I had. Here a link to that video.

I used the Roland MC-50 as sequencer, the JV-880, JV-1080, JV-1010 and M3R and the TR-8 as a drumcomputer. Of course the VP-9000 to create the vocals. Now, two years later I notice what I’ve done wrong regarding the VP. I didn’t use the metronome, the loop-function and the tempo-sync function. But hey….that was two years ago.

Last month I did a huge sell out of my studio mainly to buy the V-Synth XT. I sold the MKS-50 (regret it…), JP-8080 (no pain), D-550(also no pain) and the VP-9000(beautiful rack) to buy that XT. The XT is way more cheaper than those three machines together, of course. For me the XT would be the combination of all sold instruments in just one rack. I mean, the XT is a virtual synth and has the Juno-waveform, the SuperSaw-waveform, the D-50 card, the Variphrase function and a complete vocoder program.
My first challenge would be of course to do a remake of the same song but now with the machines I own now. Ah…still #hardwareonly.

I used the Roland MV-8800 for sequencing and drums, the VS-2480 for mixing, the XV-5080 for sounds, the TB-03 for an extra bass line, the M3R for the Jazz Guitar, the SP-808 + MXR Talkbox for the guitar effect and the XT for the vocals. Here a link to that video. I must say…It’s getting better and better 😀

Thanks for reading/watching/listening/commenting!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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