Melodic Progressive House

#hardwareonly – Melodic Progressive House


Computer music is here for years but there are still dinosaurs like me out there who produce music without the use of computers.

Here my latest video about how I created a Melodic Progressive House track with only hardware.

Used equipment:

Roland MV-8000 – Sequencer/sampler

Roland JP-8080 – Chord synth

Roland VP-9000 – Voice sample

Roland JV-1010 – Piano sound Roland JV-1080 – Pad sound

Roland TR-8 – Rhythm + Side Chain for

JV-1080 Roland SP-808 – Reverb for Piano

Yamaha DX-100 – Solid Bass

Novation A-Station – Simple Synth line

Korg KP-3 – Stereo delay for DX-100, A-Station, TR-8 and JV-1010

Behringer X1222 –

Mixer Roland VS2400CD –

Mixer Behring BCR-2000 – MIDI Controller


Thanks for watching!



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