Roland VP-9000 Syncing Beats

Roland VP-9000 – Syncing Beats with different BPM

Elastic Audio

On the internet you can read that the Roland VP-9000 can offer elastic audio. In this video I show you that you can sync samples with different BPM in some easy steps.

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  • John Detroit


    I appreciate all your tutorial videos on VP-9000 as they have helped me make use of my VP in some practice song creations from Electronic Musician magazine (they provide source samples/audio track to create song), and original compositions as well.

    Also, I was able to get the Roland V-Producer and V-Trainer software installed on my old Apple PowerMac G3 B/W with Mac OS 9.2. V-Trainer was great for batch processing my sample loop WAVE files from my library. But more impressive was the V-Producer runs very well on Mac OS 9.2 (using OMS MIDI drivers), and I have synchronized it to my MV-8800 using MIDI Clock and MMC commands (MV control V-Producer through start/stop, locate). Also, the manipulation of the VP-9000 samples in the V-Producer song mode is impressive, leveraging all the aspects of Variphrase abilities. Further, the V-producer application’s song layout editing reminds me of phrase editing on MV and Ableton live. My next us of VP is to track vocals, build harmonies, and utilize the built in effects.

    John Detroit

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