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  • Gary Sanborn

    What up minimaniac!

    I frigging love your SP808 videos. The SP808 was my first sampler but I had no idea how to “get the most” out of it because no one had anything on it from the clicks I worked with. Due to my uneducated mind I dropped the SP to my cellar and have “graduated” to the MPC workflow. After looking up just one last time if anyone was working with the SP, I found your vids. There’s been that weird product announcement vid and some dude in a helmet that made some great content, but he wore a helmet… cool with me but never a tutorial. With all that I will now break this piece out again and work your refreshing take on what I was trying to say in 98 to music cats like me, but again Roland wasn’t really known for sampling and everything you stated about the unit is precise and so wonderful to hear. I appreciate the boost you give the unit and wish you peace and music.

    Peace goes out.

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Gary!

      Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts with me (and also with the rest of the internet-world).
      In 2017 I saw this unit online on a second hand shop for a ridiculous price so I grabbed it. I had Maschine MK1 but was not satisfied at all with the whole necessary-computer-connection.
      I fell in love with the black box and its orange details and I dove into it to see what was possible.
      Now, almost 2 years later I don’t see these units for cheap anymore. We all stepped over the Zip-Drive issue because it has so much more to offer.
      When I see my own videos from last year I sometimes feel ashamed about the lack of knowledge at that time…
      It’s amazing to know that people like you are giving the SP-808 a second chance because it’s worth it and it deserves it.
      You won’t loose time, you will win a completely cool machine 😀
      I just bought a MRX-222 Talkbox to use it with the monophonic synth. Soon a video about that journey.
      I mean…that synth is sooooo sharp.

      You mentioned ‘uneducated mind’. That’s too heavy IMHO. Sometimes things come together at a later moment to get the whole picture.
      It’s like the 303. I mean…a little plastic box to initially replace an acoustic bass and finally becomes the most wanted acid-unit.
      I remember that someone offer me a trade in 1985. My Yamaha PSR-keyboard for a 303. I didn’t do it….(was just 12 years old..) If I only would have known…

      okay…too much words.
      Thanks again so much and enjoy this super cool SP-808!


  • John Detroit


    Regarding the SP-808 video using MPC 2000XL CF drive with success, I found this SD card atapi/ide drive that is compatible MPC 2000XL. Here is the link https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj_nLmvn-zqAhUS28AKHWnjAX8YABAHGgJpbQ&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASE-RonUM_ifMotro4t35gKseNxPU&sig=AOD64_28yd5tzZPfMEwO5RoakuBasDDBgQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwj-m7Cvn-zqAhVMa80KHZKHDRYQwg96BAgKEBA&adurl=

    So, by extension could be compatible with the SP-808?

    John Detroit

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi John!
      Thanks for asking.
      Unfortunately this drive will not work. On their website they mention the machines but the SP-808 is not mentioned.
      The VP-9000 and the VS-840 do work but the SP…nope…
      In an earlier version of their website they mentioned it that the SP-808 ‘DOES NOT WORK’ with this reader.

      I love your machines, though!
      regret that I sold the VP now I have the VariOS and the V-Synth XT. Then the family would be complete…

      We keep on trying, John
      Hang in there 😀

    • Roger, TMM

      The sequencing is almost the same.
      You have a sample on a pad and you can choose to record it live and then quantise it.
      Or you can step recording it by placing it like notes.
      Or placing it like a measure or like a complete phrase.

      The MV has in song mode 8 tracks of audio sequences and the SP-808 has 4 tracks.

      Based on the screen I can tell that the MV is of course more sophisticated.
      But it’s doable with the SP. I mean, you don’t need much screen.
      Only downside is that the SP doesn’t support loop mode in song mode.

  • John Detroit


    Thank you for the feedback how to sequence samples on the SP-808. Please let us know when the “crowd funding” is setup to make an SD/CF solution for the SP-808.

    John Detroit
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