SP-808 Bass Sound



Believe me….this can be the real reason to keep your SP-808 since I’ve discovered this amazingly deep 808 Bass sound to play with it. Not sampled…no…just by using the Virtual Analog Synth effect.

It’s deep, it’s fat, it’s playable through a MIDI keyboard or the Step Modulator.

We are always searching for that deep bass in what ever kind of type of music…and we had it in our hands already 20 years ago but it was never discovered. Always complaining about the Zip Drive but meanwhile you had gold in your hands.

Mashup mix

Here a vid with an example of that 808 bass sound. The lows on the samples are turned down to make sure that the bass has its own space.

The Tutorial

Yes! Make that sound yourself by following this tutorial.

Some keynotes:

  • Uses only 1 oscillator
  • No LFO
  • LPF and -24 Slope
  • 18 CutOff – 100 Resonance
  • Filter Envelope: A = 0, D = 20, S = 0, R = 45
  • Initial Gain: 0
  • Envelope Depth: A = 0, D = 70, S = 0, R = 75
  •  No Delay and No Chorus

Adjust the sound the way you like!

Good luck!




  • Sam

    Hey Roger just wanted to send you a message saying your a man after my own heart. I was looking for YouTube videos on the Sp808 and came across yours. I have a Roland Sp808 myself, as well as a Jv-1080 along with a Korg EMX1.. I’m running on an old Apple g4 Mac using a Cubase DAW and running it thru a Mackie CFX 20 desk.. I’m a fan of the breaks n beats n old skool house.. I’ve just recently got back into my 808 and watching your vids made me realise how good they are..
    Anyway keep up the good music fella look forward to more funky YouTube’s

    Cheers ..Sam from London

    • Roger, TMM

      Hey Sam!

      thank you so much for dropping a message on my webpage 😀
      Happy to read that you like the vids and cool that we’re in the same area of ‘old school’ machines.
      That Mackie looks great. It has FX incorporated, which I miss on my Roland M-24E.
      Yes, that SP-808 is a diamond in the rough. Treat it right and you can extract some cool music out of it.
      Your flavour of music is what I like also. Deep basses and uptempo breaks. Back to the old days hahaha.

      So you’re from London. From the 4th till the 6th of December me and my wife are going to London for a small break.
      We had no summer holiday so we decided this time to go to London for the first time!
      Typical city trip with visiting the most important places and hopefully to catch some Christmas Spirit 😉

      Ah…I sold my JV-1080 to buy a JV-2080. But then a XV-5080 passed by for an extreme good price so I sold the JV-2080.
      I must admit that the XV sound almost too clean. I do miss that edgy JV-1080 sound…
      Perhaps in the future a re-buy 😀

      Wishing you the same, enjoy making music and we stay in touch.


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