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Happy 1st Birthday, YouTube – The MIDI Maniac!

23 January 2018 I started with my YouTube Channel, The MIDI Maniac.

1 year later I have 794 subscribers, 64.527 views in total, 203.427 watching minutes, 2011 likes, 18 dislikes and 587 comments.

This is sooo amazing! I couldn’t have imagined that it would be so great. The response of you people is truly appreciated.

YouTube - The MIDI Maniac
YouTube – The MIDI Maniac


My top 5 audience is from US, UK, Germany, Japan and France and my video are watched in 56 countries worldwide. That’s pretty cool to me.

World View - The MIDI Maniac
World View – The MIDI Maniac


When I started I didn’t have a good plan yet. But now I’m getting more into the shooting and audio editing. This process will be even better in 2019 to share more vids and experience.

So stay tuned for more tutorials! 🙂


Share your questions with me and I will answer them if I can. Thanks a lot!



  • Billy graham

    Hey roger, happy 1st birthday, great channel. I got some good help from your vid on Roland mc 50.
    I would love more tutorials on this sequencer, maybe a short vid on certain functions like block repeat and other functions. I like a baby steps approach to these things, you know like, “press button 6, the screen will display x” etc. I do hope you will consider this as there is very little on the web relating to this machine. Congrats on your stats, great news.
    KUTGW, regards, billy from bonnie Scotland.

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Billy!
      Thanks for your comment and question.
      Great that you like the content.
      I will certainly grab more videos about this rock solid sequencer. I receive more questions about the MC-50 so time again to put it in its spotlight.
      And a good suggestion to use baby steps.
      Stay tuned for those vids 🙂


  • Brian Heller

    I have a MIDI question i wander if you can help with. I saw your roland mc 50 basics video on youtube. In that video you use the sliders of your alesis midi keyboard to control cutoff and resonance on a racked synth. Where do you set that up at? I cant find any info online to answer that. Also i was wandering in that same video did you plug anything into the midi input on the MC 50? Many thanks for your help!

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Brian!
      Thanks for your question.
      Let me see regarding the sliders.
      Those sliders are programmed in my Alesis itself. In the Edit Mode-Global you can adjust the parameters of the sliders. Based on the info in the MIDI Implementation chart of the racked synth I adjusted the sliders.
      If you have a MIDI controller which sends CC’s then you can connect that unit to your MC-50.
      And yes, my Alesis is connected to the MIDI IN of the MC-50.
      That’s how you are able to play and record midi information into your MC-50.
      I hope this answered your questions.
      If not, feel free to ask more 😉


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