Blue Monday Bassline - New Order SP-808

Blue Monday Bassline – New Order SP-808+BCR-2000

The Roland #SP808 has an amazing internal synthesizer which can be controlled by external hardware.
In this video you hear the monophonic synth playing the bassline of New Orders’ Blue Monday.
For the sequencer I used my Roland MV-8000 and for the other controls I used my Behringer BCR-2000.

In total you can control 8 different parameters of the synthesizer:
Here the CCs. (Continuous Controller)
Import is to set the FX-MIDI Channel on 11.
MIDI CC 7 = Master Volume
MIDI CC 10 = PanPot
MIDI CC 16 = C1 (free addressable)
MIDI CC 17 = C2 (free addressable)
MIDI CC 18 = C3 (free addressable)
MIDI CC 19 = C4 (free addressable)
MIDI CC 80 = C5 (free addressable)
MIDI CC 81 = C6 (free addressable)
Of course the notes of the synth can be played on your MIDI Keyboard.
Free addressable means that you can select a total of 6 parameters of the synth.

Of course you can also control other effects and not only the internal synthesizer.
As you can see…there are so much possibilities!

Good luck with trying.



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