500 Subs on YT!

Thank you so much for subscribing on my YouTube channel, rogerthemidimaniac.

This means really a lot to me and I will keep on grabbing videos.

500 subscribers on YouTube
500 subscribers on YouTube


  • Nelson Casanova

    Hi, Rogers,
    Thanks for and congratulations for sharing all!
    My name is nelson casanova, from portugal, living in switzerland.
    Dj producer, pianiste etc..and I d like to ask if you can help me:

    So I m listening a trak of Dj Thermalbear : “clunk”. In soudcloud or beatport…and I need to know which synthesizer(s) or sampler is that track…
    Please can you say something…?

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Nelson,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your question.
      First: Portugaaaaaal! I live next to Portugal (20 mins drive) and I love that country. (nearest city – Viana do Castelo – NORTE)
      Second: Great tune. Glad that you pointed that out to me 😀 Totally music I like.
      Third: You’re referring to the chord-sound, right? It sounds very familiar to me. I think it’s a sample and I’m already searching in my brains for that song where it is used.
      But in the end it’s a sound that you can recreate. What I mean is the following:
      Sound contains 3 oscillators.
      1 OSC= F -1 Octave
      2 OSC= F
      3 OSC= G#
      For the bass you can use a Sine waveform and for the other two a Saw waveform.
      Then adjust the Envelopes to create the right attack, decay, sustain and release.
      It looks like they’ve used a velocity sensitive freq/res or just by programming the movements.
      But in the end I keep my head spinning to find that sound on another record.
      When I have it I will inform you.

      Thanks again!


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