Roland MV-8000

The Roland MV-8000 Production Studio

End of August 2018 a new machine arrived, the Roland MV-8000 Production Studio. As you may know I’m a big fan of the Roland SP-808 Groovesampler and people told me that the MV was a kind of 808 but bigger and better. So I sold old gear to buy this MV. Yes…I can admit that it’s like a SP-808, but bigger and better 😀


Immediately I started to dive into this unit and I grab some tutorials. Here a vid of the use of the vocoder of the MV. Well…I was impressed. And you?



  • Giacomo DelRio

    Hello Roger
    I really like all your videos especially the ones about the MV 8000.
    I have been using the 8800 since it was released and it is my favorite machine I have ever useful.
    Anyway I recently watched a video you had made about syncing the mv with your external midi devices via patch bay. Specifically the Roland a880.
    I have recently acquired the a880 and I am having troubles understanding the way you hooked yours up in your video.
    I have my midi control keyboard hooked up to the MVs midi in- works perfectly.
    Now I have the midi out A hooked up to the the a880s midi in 1. I have two synths and the Roland Soniccell hookked up to the a880s out channels 3 4 and 5 on the back of the a880.
    Here i am having the problem.
    All synths are playing at once when i use the control keyboard- regardless of what is selected in the mv8800s track parameter.
    I am confused and you are very knowledgeable about these things.
    Would you be okay with emailing me snd maybe helping me get this right do i can do what you do in your video about your Mv 8000 external gear setup?
    I would really really appreciate it
    Thank you
    Giacomo DelRio

    • Roger, TMM

      Well…you’ve asked the impossible….there is no way to connect the VS-2400CD to a computer. No USB connection…too bad.
      The only way to transfer audio is to make a wav-files of the tracks to have them imported that way into a computer.
      Good luck on that.


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