SP-808 Tutorials Color Codes

SP-808 Tutorials color coding

Hi guys!

The number of my tutorials on Youtube is increasing and therefore I’ve decided to work with color codes for the thumbnails to make it more handy to search for what you need.

The link to my Youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/c/rogerthemidimaniac

SP-808 Tutorials Color Codes
SP-808 Tutorials Color Codes

I will also start with a page on my website with links to all videos and their subjects. See it as a online video manual 🙂





  • Billy

    Hey Roger, great site… I need some help with my mc50
    I’m finding it impossible to copy data..clearly I’m doing something wrong
    Let’s say I record a 4bar bass line… I try to copy it from measure 5 for x number of measures… When I play back… It does not copy data. Do you have a tutorial for this.
    I need baby steps instruction.. I’ve worn out page 96in the manual trying to get it to work. Thanks in advance, Billy from Scotland.

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Billy!
      Thanks for passing by and for sending me your question.
      Let me help you.
      First I share this tutorial where I copy 8 bars from Track number 1 to Track number 3.
      This is not what you are asking for but it’s the same concept.

      Also I will explain it in babysteps.
      So, the goal is to copy 4 bars bass line to measure number 5 and for, let say, 3 times to have 16 bars with the same bass line.
      Step 1. Press “EDIT”
      Step 2. Dial with the Alpha-Dial to number 10 (EDIT10 COPY) and press “ENTER”
      Step 3. Choose the track you want to copy from. Let’s say, track 1 and press “ENTER”
      Step 4. Choose the track to copy to. In this also track 1 and press “ENTER” again.
      Step 5. The next screen is “EDIT10 COPY REPLACE(blinking) CH ALL(refers to the MIDI channel on that track). Press “ENTER”
      Step 6. Next screen is “EDIT10 COPY FROM M= 1 fOR ALL. Press “>” to change ALL to 4. (ALL represents all available recorded measures counting from measure 1). Press “ENTER”
      Step 7. Next screen “EDIT10 COPY M=END”. Change “END” with the alpha dial to M=5 (you want to copy the first 4 bars starting at measure number 5). Press “ENTER”
      Step 8. Next screen “EDIT10 COPY COPY 1 TIME(S). Change 1 to 3 because you want to have it copied 3 times. Press “ENTER”
      Step 9. Next screen “EDIT10 COPY Sure? >>press REC. Press REC/LOAD to make the MC-50 copy the 4 bars to the other 12 bars.

      This should be it.
      It looks complicated but you’ll will notice that after some time you will be getting handy in it 😀

      Good luck and let me know if you’ve managed it.


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