Thank you so much!

Sin palabras/no words

Strange…I start this post with the words ‘Sin palabras/no words’ but I already know that I’m going to use words to describe my feelings and to thank you.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to all the people who are following me on Youtube, on Facebook, visitors of the website and the people who are sending me emails with compliments, tips and even gifts. Yeah…gifts…yesterday I received artwork from a follower who does some design in his spare time. How cool is that? See here below!

Design by Stanisa
Design by Stanisa

It is a real honour to receive all the positive feedback on my ‘work’. Yeah…it is not work, it is pure love for the gear I have.


In January this year (2018) I had to go to the hospital due pain in a certain area. When the doctor was examining me through an echo I was thinking by myself ‘What if they now say that it is something bad? I’m 44 years old, have a lovely wife, three cool boys, we live in a beautiful area. Could this be the beginning of the end?’. At that moment I realised more than ever that now is the time to share my experience, my love and my dedication to this old digital gear. At home I grabbed my first video and I uploaded it and shared it with the world. The result was that the doctor said that I had an chronicle infection and that I would need treatment. Last Tuesday (17th of April) the final result was that the infection has disappeared and that I’m dismissed from the Hospital. A relief and meanwhile happy with what I’ve started.


When I reached 100 subscribers I was soooo happy! Those subscribers are following me because of my content. In 3 months I reached 8.000 views, 20.000 minutes watch time, 357 likes and 165 subscribers. I received reactions from Paolo from Synth Mania, from Arnold Marshall, Gearfacts is following me and of course all of you, the DIE-HARD users of the machines I use in my videos. Based on this all I’ve set the goal to upload 100 vids in half a year and I would like to reach 500 subscribers in 6 months. So the quality and the information should be good.


I will keep on doing this because of the energy you all give me. Thanks again and we stay in touch!






  • Cash Gordon Tennessey

    Hey Roger my name is Cash Gordon Tennessey I’m a music producer I just bought a Mv 8000 cool but I have a problem I can’t not understand how to use it. Can you please create me a small template and email it to me on how to actually sample and record with out the midi aspect I will gladly pay you what ever your fee is
    Cash Gordon Tennessey

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi CGT,

      Let me first apologize for the extreme late reaction. You took the time to pass by and to ask a question and I didn’t see this.
      I’m sorry for that.
      Now to your question:
      You’re a music producer and you would like to have info about starting with your MV.
      Yeah…the box is magic and it needs some magic powers to have it started.
      I will post soon a video about the first steps to be taken to start with sampling.
      For sure you found out meanwhile how to get things going due to my late reaction.
      But you opened my eyes, man.

      Thanks for passing by.


  • Todd

    Glad you are well. Thanks for all the info! I have an A6 as a side project I hope to revive one day! I started my own channel recently and hope to have ur success. Went thru a scary time with my wife in the hospital recently so know how that feels. Thanks.

    • Roger, TMM

      Hi Todd!
      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.
      Let me ‘say’ a few points.
      First: I hope/pray your wife is ok. Our health is our most valuable part of our life. Wishing you all strength and happiness.
      Second: Share your YT-channel! I’m curious about what you share with the world 🙂
      Third: I’m happy that you enjoy the shared info. It’s crazy that there’s hardly no info about the A6 available, even not on Roland’s own website. That’s why I went to a copy shop to have at least the manuals available.
      Fourth: You can imagine that I’m curious about your A6-project, so when you have reached to that mentioned one day, share it with us.
      Fifth: To emphasise it again: I hope your wife is fine and take care of each other.

      We stay in touch!


  • Todd

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your questions!

    Yes my wife is ok. It was a great relief when she got the “all clear” from the Doctor for sure. Thank you for your concern appreciate it.

    Ok ok here is my YouTube channel! I only got “serious” with it recently, and still not sure of the direction….

    Alaka’i Films

    The Roland A6 Project
    Actually my project for now is to get it working ha-ha. I bought it about 1 year ago. It’s missing the internal hard drive (and the plastic knobs on the sliders oddly) but powers on ok, shows some info screens, and then says the hard drive is missing.

    I had it on the shelf for about 1 year until I discovered your website! I followed your advice on the site (video?) to get a used older laptop IDE drive, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the next step. You mentioned a cable from Startech, but I can’t find anything that seems to be the right fit…

    The manual you graciously uploaded seems to indicate the hard drive is a DB25 connector, but that’s a bit of Greek to me!

    And I just now see some comments you made to people about this topic. But I’m afraid I’m still not sure what I need to do or buy to make all this work.

    Actually my background is video, started about 35 years ago in the days of 3/4 inch and VHS tape, then 1”, DLSR, Mirrorless and now just got an incredibly small Osmo Action camera. I do voiceover work occasional on some of my videos, so I want to find a way to use this for that, integrate it together with all the “digital” stuff somehow. And see if I can use it for other cool stuff. I’m almost 63 now so I can use “cool” as it was originally used lol.

    I enjoy resurecting and integrating the legacy stuff and making it useful again honestly.


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