Roland MC-50 Tutorial

Tutorial: Roland MC-50 – Recording Superstring by Cygnus X

Superstring – Cygnus X

This anthem gives me goosebumps. We go back to the year 2000 where in Amsterdam the first edition of Sensation in the Amsterdam Arena was held. An impressive event where music and happy people came together. Reason enough for me to recreate this amazing tune.

Used machines

In this video you see an 8-bar loop created with the Roland MC-50 Micro Composer.

You hear the following instruments used for Superstring.

  • Yamaha DX-100 Solid Bass
  • Roland SP-808 Synth Riff
  • Roland JV-1010 Vintage Synths – Patch 103
  • Roland Tr-8 909-Drums
  • Roland MC-307 extra drum section
  • Novation A-station Synth pad
  • Novation X-station Main Synth Tune
  • Korg KP3 for the delay effect on the DX-100


In this video I show how to record Superstring in Step Time, Real Time and how to create a Rhythm Track. Also you will see how to quantise, to copy and how to create clean loops.


Still in 2018 these machines can be used for good entertainment. You can create your own 90’s party with instruments from that time. For sure the public will be having fun!


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