SP-808 250MB Demo Zip Disk

The original SP-808 250MB Demo Zip Disk

Happy New Gear!

Back in the late 90’s/early 00’s you could have bought the Roland SP-808 Groovesampler. When you bought it Roland delivered a Demo Zip Disk to make sure you could start playing direct with the magic box. Nice!

Unfortunately 20 years later most of the original Demo Zip Disks are gone. But, according to most people, like all presets on synths and modules 99% of the sounds are cheesy. Okay…could be but I think it’s nice to listen and to play with the initial ideas, not?

Found lost item

…and then you come across that unique set of sounds. I inserted the disk and I started to listen and to play with it. Man, was I happy 🙂 What even more surprised me was the amount of songs on the disk, 9 in total. And the first one was a quick tutorial about how to get started with the Roland SP-808 e-mix edition. How nice is that!

Demo on YouTube

To share my experience with you I created two videos about this Demo Disk.

Download your copy

If you’re interested in having a copy of this Demo Disk you can download the files HERE.

How to?

So, you’ve downloaded a copy and how are you going to get it on your SP-808. Check out the video about how to do it in just 3 easy steps. What do you need to make that copy?

  • USB 250MB Zip Drive
  • 250 MB Zip Disk
  • Downloaded files
  • and an SP-808 with the e-Mix Studio OS installed

Let’s play

So, I assume you’ve followed all steps. Well, in that case….HAVE FUN! 🙂

If you encountered problems, let me know.


Keep on grooving!


Roger Mooze



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  • Rob

    Hey thanks a lot for your info on my sp808
    unfortunatly i do not have a scisi drive or usb zip drive
    i have a brand new pack of 2 zip discs if i was to send them too you could you record the demo disc for me and keep the other i can pay you something via paypal
    thanks in advance

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