I love SP-808 (RedBubble)

Get your own SP-808 sticker or T-shirt

I love the SP-808

Due to my love for the Roland SP-808 Groovesampler I decided to print a T-shirt. So I created artwork on my existing RedBubble account, where I sell arcade marquees, like Donkey Kong, Popeye and the other usual vintage arcade games. Funny thing was that I noticed that more people liked to order products with the SP-808 on it. Based on that I added the rest of the SP-samplers and yes….also those items are selling. Am I getting rich on those sells? Nope…with 0.17€ per sticker you aren’t making money. But I do give people a happy feeling when they receive their favourite machine on a mug or pillow. How nice is that?

So, check out my latest additions on Redbubble and order now your favourite design and product.

The Roland/Boss SP-Samplers

The Roland MC-series

The Roland TR-Rhythm Composers

Roland Synthesizers

Keep on grooving!




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