M.A.M.E. Game Samples

M.A.M.E. Game Samples

M.A.M.E. Game Samples

And then I came across some DVD’s with all M.A.M.E. Roms which I bought in 2005 when I started to rebuild a arcade cabinet (which I sold in 2007 when my 3rd boy was born…due to short on space@home)

Anyway, I made a backup of the DVD’s and suddenly I found this folder with samples of a lot of games, like Donkey Kong, QBert, Zaxxon, Berzerk etc. I was amazed about all the samples and perhaps you would be also amazed and therefore I share them with you.

You can find the Zip Files HERE! There’s one archive(45MB) with all 48 Sample Packs or you can just download them 1 by 1. Whatever you prefer 😉

Have a good one!

Roger Mooze

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