Buying a second hand Roland MV-8800 – DO THIS TEST FIRST!

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Still in 2022 the Roland MV-8800 is a great unit and people are still wanting these beautiful machines.
Remember that the MV was released in 2007 so it’s already an ‘old’ one.

Before buying one on the 2nd hand market I advise you to do this test.
Of course it’s important how it looks but much better is to check if all functions are working properly.

Luckily you can put the MV into TEST MODE by pressing and holding MENU + F3 and turning the unit on.
Now you get a list of test functions, like memory test, drive test, button/slider/knobs/pad test and much more.
In this short video I show you some tests to get an idea.

I recommend doing this before buying and also if you already have a unit to make sure all is working properly.