Lift your MV-screen

The screen of the MV is great but from time to time I’m annoyed by the angle of it.
I do have a 3D-printer but I don’t know how to make my own designs (yet) because it would be nice if the screen was tilted more.
So, today (because I don’t have a Sound Card at the moment for making music/videos…) I decided to make a design from some left overs of an isolation panel just to see how it would look like.

With a rise of 5CM the screen is much better visible now and I can measure the idea better now.
I sprayed it with some black Montana spray but poliestereno and spray paint are not friends but it is good enough.

Now it’s time to dive into ‘making-your-own-3D-design’ to have this made from serious PLA.
Perhaps also with a kind of adjustable flap? 😀

Let’s go!