Stream #7 Wrap-up

During the MV-8800: The LIVE Stream I showed a few topics, LoFi – Scratching with your MV and Sound FX with the Virtual Analog Modeling Bass (MFX)
I promised to share the MFX and I also enclosed the picture with the setting for the LoFi-processor.
Also I added the two used scratch samples from Fab 5 Freddy and Kurtis Blow.
I know I go pretty deep from time to time and I know I can drift away too.
Sorry for that…it’s just how it goes in my head ūüôā

Here a link to the download.
Stream #7 MFX - Scratch - LoFi (21 downloads)

Don’t forget to download also the MPC-Kits! It’s homework!
Roland MV - MPC Kits (60/2000/3000) & SP1200 (53 downloads)

Also I want to thank all the people in the chat room during the show. I don’t see all the messages during the show because I’m to focussed on the machine.
A big shout out to:
Waxdat8800, Mikepepp2, Haydn Ratcliff, John Stanhope, Zito Sonic, Bakerman (Stefan Körner), Patrick Thomas, Bram, Robert Angelo, Luis Peréz, M Debts, Antonio Pedro, Dilstoons, N!CKD4NG3R, Joe Collier, Dr. Oherd 1994, Black Shore, CokedOutMarv, JohnTMiller, Illa Noize, Main Man Dev, ONEHENDRIX, GhettoBoyProductions, Randy Upchurch, Jay Pro Channel, Lucas P1vko, Gershwyn Gerbie Daniels, Nekoninja Kekoninj & Deek

See you soon!