Let the blue light shine! (V-LINK on MV-8800)

There’s this button on the MV with a label, V-Link and when you press it a beautiful blue light starts to shine. Only thing is that nothing happens unless you connect another V-Link piece of gear to it.
It happens to be that I came across a cheap V-8 8-channel video mixer from Roland, of course. A dated model with RCA out/in, S-video in/out and two ins for VGA but no out.
Those VGA-ins can not be used at the same time.

To connect my MV video wise, I use the UHG-4K2-01 and a VGA to HDMI cable. The signal goes into the converter, where one signal is picked up by my Mac and an HDMI out goes into another converter (HDMI to RCA) and then finally into the V-8.
To have it all recorded together in my Mac I use a last converter from RCA to HDMI.
Yep….Some cabling is done here 😀

Converter Madness
First Try Out MV-8800 and V-8

Check out my first try-out where I use the MV-8800 and the V-8.

The video signals come from the MV with Pix Jam and another camera pointed on the MV and V-8.
I’ve noticed that you can record all the movements done with the V-8.
That way your program is always the same and it can be quantised too.
About the music, this is all done within the MV. I’ve loaded a patch from 1Tekneek and I downloaded an acapella from the Beastie Boys.
Then with playing with the BPM-Basenote I was able to get it all in sync.
All patterns I sampled and then I mastered them with the MTK.
After mastering I created the song with maintaining 112BPM.
Some reverb is added to the vocals too.
Then the complete track was mastered with the MV and I used DanceComp.
Last step was to import the complete track into song mode and on another MIDI track I placed the PixJam pictures. At this point I only had to route the video into the V-8 to add effects.

I must admit….very addictive toys 😀 😀