Weekend Challenge – How TikTok Makes Us Cringe!

Hey there Weekend Jammers!

This weekend the theme is ‘How TikTok makes us Cringe’.
TikTok is overloaded with attention seeking people doing stuff what makes you cringe….a lot!! More than a lot!!

Your goal is to make a TikTok jam to make others cringe.
Do something out of your comfort zone, make false notes, combine unusual sounds and use samples from the enclosed sample pack.
I’ve combined 105 Samples which are used by TikTokkers and YouTubers.
Here the link for the free download:
YouTube_TikTok_Cringe_Sample_Pack (131 downloads)
Mirror G-Drive:

Basic rules:
– Jam needs to be made this weekend
– Not longer than 5 minutes
– Freedom of style as long the theme is maintained
– Preferably uploaded to YouTube
– Closing time Monday 31-1-2022 around 16:00 GMT +1

ADDED BROWNIE BONUS POINTS: For making a 1-minute cringe jam!!

The StreamThrough will take place on Monday 31-1-2022 around 22:00 GMT +1. Invitation will be announced on our Hardware Jams FB-group.

Different this time will be that you’re allowed to express your cringe during the chat 😉

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