The Ultimate Drum Computer Archive – WAV

Are you ready for 4.2GB of drum sounds from 307 Drum Machines?
You will never come short with this amazing archive, which I already have quite some years.
It’s for free as you can read in the enclosed text files.

Due to the amount of downloads in one day, the provider narrowed the download-speed, which leads to network issues.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Here’s a new link to my Google-Drive:
LINK to Google-Drive

And to make sure all goes well, here 3 links to the complete archive in 3 parts.
Drums A-F
Drums H-O
Drums P-Z
And here a list with all available kits.
Ah…some kits do even have a modified kit.

Access/Access Virus – B
Access/Access Virus – TI
Acetone/Acetone Rhythm-Ace
Acetone/Acetone Rhythm-Ace-FR-7L
Acetone/Acetone Rhythm-Ace-FR6
Acetone/Acetone Rhythm-King
Acetone/Acetone Rhythm-Master
Akai/Akai MPC1000
Akai/Akai MPC2000
Akai/Akai MPC2500
Akai/Akai MPC3000
Akai/Akai MPC500
Akai/Akai MPC5000
Akai/Akai XE8
Akai/Akai XR-10
Akai/Akai XR-20
Akai/MPC DSM-2
Alesis/Alesis Andromeda-A6
Alesis/Alesis D4
Alesis/Alesis DM-PRO
Alesis/Alesis DM5
Alesis/Alesis HR16A
Alesis/Alesis HR16B
Alesis/Alesis Performance-Pad
Alesis/Alesis SR-18
Alesis/Alesis SR16
Boss/Boss DR-110
Boss/Boss DR-202
Boss/Boss DR-220A
Boss/Boss DR-220E
Boss/Boss DR-5
Boss/Boss DR-55
Boss/Boss DR-550
Boss/Boss DR-550 MK2
Boss/Boss DR-660
Boss/Boss DR-70
Boss/Boss DR-770
Boss/Boss DR-880
Boss/Boss DR-Pad DRP-I
Boss/Boss DR-Pad DRP-II
Boss/Boss DR-Pad DRP-III
Boss/Boss HC-2
Boss/Boss JS-5
Boss/Boss PC-2
Boss/Boss PS-2
Boss/Boss SP-505
Casio/Casio CT-310
Casio/Casio CT-403
Casio/Casio CTK-5000
Casio/Casio CZ-230S
Casio/Casio HT-700
Casio/Casio MA-101
Casio/Casio MT-100
Casio/Casio MT-18
Casio/Casio MT-500
Casio/Casio MT-800
Casio/Casio PT-30
Casio/Casio PT-82
Casio/Casio RZ1
Casio/Casio Rapman
Casio/Casio Rapman-II
Casio/Casio SA-10
Casio/Casio SK1
Casio/Casio SK5
Casio/Casio VL1
Cheetah/Cheetah MD16
Cheetah/Cheetah SpecDrum
Clavia/Clavia DDrum-AT
Clavia/Clavia Micro-Modular
Clavia/Clavia Nord-Drum
Clavia/Clavia Nord-Modular
Coron/Coron Drum-Synce DS-7
Coron/Coron RDS
Cwejman/Cwejman S1
Cwejman/Cwejman S1 MK2
DrBöhm/DrBöhm Böhmat-S
DrBöhm/DrBöhm S-78
EKO/EKO MusicBox-12
EKO/EKO Ritmo-12
EKO/EKO Ritmo20
EMU/EMU Drumulator
EMU/EMU Modular
EMU/EMU Orbit-3
EMU/EMU Orbit-9090
EMU/EMU Planet-Earth
EMU/EMU Planet-Phatt
EMU/EMU Pro-Cussion
EMU/EMU Proteus-2000
EMU/EMU Proteus1
EMU/EMU Proteus3
EMU/EMU Xtreme-Lead-1
Electro-Harmonix/Electro-Harmonix DRM-15
Electro-Harmonix/Electro-Harmonix DRM-16
Electro-Harmonix/Electro-Harmonix DRM-32
Electro-Harmonix/Electro-Harmonix Spacedrum
Elektron/Elektron MachineDrum SPS1 MKII
Elektron/Elektron Monomachine
Elka/Elka Drumstar-80
Elka/Elka X1000
Ensoniq/Ensoniq ASR-X
Ensoniq/Ensoniq ASR-X Pro
Ensoniq/Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq/Ensoniq Mirage
Ensoniq/Ensoniq SQ-R-Plus
Ensoniq/Ensoniq ZR-76
Fairlight/Fairlight CMI III
Fairlight/Fairlight CMI IIc
Fairlight/Fairlight CMI IIx
Farfisa/Farfisa Rhythm-Maker-16
Farfisa/Farfisa Rhythm10
Fricke/Fricke MFB 301
Fricke/Fricke MFB 501
Fricke/Fricke MFB 502
Fricke/Fricke MFB 512
Fricke/Fricke MFB 712
Fricke/Fricke MFB-522
Fricke/Fricke Schlagzwerg
Hammond/Hammond Auto-Vari64
Hammond/Hammond Rhythm2
Individual/4-In-The-Floor Percussion-Combo
Individual/AJK Percussion-Synth
Individual/ARP Axxe
Individual/AcidLab Miami
Individual/Amdek PCK-100
Individual/Analog-Solutions Concussor
Individual/Antonelli 2377
Individual/Aria Diamond
Individual/Atlantex MPC-1
Individual/Austin ARB-6
Individual/BME Rattlesnake Parametric-Percussion-System
Individual/Bontempi HF222
Individual/CRB RhythmBoy-480
Individual/Chaser PR-80
Individual/Conn Min-O-Matic
Individual/Dave Smith Instruments
Individual/Daytone Drum-Synthe-RDS
Individual/DeepSky Drumbox
Individual/Denon CRB-90
Individual/DigiTech RP200
Individual/Doepfer MS-404
Individual/Drumfire DF-500
Individual/ELI CR-7030
Individual/Electron Sidstation
Individual/Electronica Rhythm
Individual/Elgam Carousel
Individual/Eminent-Solina Rhitmix
Individual/Estradin Pulsar
Individual/Forat F-9000
Individual/Formanta-Radio-Plant Polivoks
Individual/FutureRetro FR777
Individual/GEM Drum15
Individual/Gulbransen SAR-1
Individual/Hing-Hon EK001
Individual/Hohner Rhythm-80K
Individual/Jen SX1000
Individual/Keio Checkmate
Individual/Kent K-200
Individual/Ketron SD-5
Individual/Keytek MDP-40
Individual/Kinsman Rhythm-Prince
Individual/Klone Dual-Percussion-Synthesiser
Individual/Luxor Passat
Individual/MAM ADX-1
Individual/MSC DL-909
Individual/MTI AO-1
Individual/MXR 185
Individual/Mattel Electronics Synsonics DRM
Individual/Melosonic 350
Individual/Millenium MPS-400
Individual/Monacor Rhythmical-Choice
Individual/Mutable-Instruments Anushry
Individual/Nasta Hit-Stix2
Individual/New-England Digital-Synclavier
Individual/Noise-Engineering Basimilus-Iteritas
Individual/Panasonic RD-9844
Individual/Pollard Syndrum-178
Individual/Polyvox Analog Synthesizer Drums
Individual/Quintronics Drum-Buddy
Individual/RSF DD-30
Individual/Rhodes Polaris
Individual/SRB 600
Individual/Sakata DPM48
Individual/Serge Modular
Individual/Siel MDP-40
Individual/Solton Disco-64
Individual/Sonic-Core EDS16-V2
Individual/Sonic-Potions LXR
Individual/Sonor Mini-Mammut-Module
Individual/Sound Auto-Drummer
Individual/Stylophone Beatbox
Individual/Syncussion Zapp
Individual/Teenage-Engineering PO-12
Individual/Video-Tech Rythmic10
Individual/Visco Space Drum
Individual/Watford-Electronics Rhythm-Generator
Individual/Wiard 300-Series-Modular
Individual/Wurlitzer Swinging-Rhythm
Jomox/Jomox Airbase99
Jomox/Jomox Mbase01
Jomox/Jomox Xbase09
Jomox/Jomox Xbase888
Kawai/Kawai ACR20
Kawai/Kawai K1
Kawai/Kawai K4
Kawai/Kawai R-100
Kawai/Kawai R-50
Kawai/Kawai R-50e
Kawai/Kawai SX-240
Kawai/Kawai XD-5
Kay/Kay DRM1
Kay/Kay R8
Korg/Korg 01W
Korg/Korg 05R-W
Korg/Korg DDD1
Korg/Korg DDD5
Korg/Korg DDM110
Korg/Korg DDM220
Korg/Korg DRM-1
Korg/Korg DS-10
Korg/Korg DSS-1
Korg/Korg ES-1 MKII
Korg/Korg Electribe EMX-1
Korg/Korg Electribe ER-1
Korg/Korg Electribe ESX-1
Korg/Korg KPR77
Korg/Korg KR-33
Korg/Korg KR-Mini
Korg/Korg KR55
Korg/Korg KRZ
Korg/Korg M1
Korg/Korg MP7
Korg/Korg MS-10
Korg/Korg Minipops
Korg/Korg Minipops 120P
Korg/Korg Monopoly
Korg/Korg PSS-50
Korg/Korg Poly-800
Korg/Korg ProWave
Korg/Korg Prophecy
Korg/Korg Radias
Korg/Korg S3
Korg/Korg SR-120
Korg/Korg T1
Korg/Korg T3
Korg/Korg TR-Rack
Korg/Korg Trident
Korg/Korg Triton
Korg/Korg Volca Sample
Korg/Korg Wavedrum
Korg/Korg Wavestation
Korg/Korg Wavestation-SR
Korg/Korg X5
Korg/Korg Z1
Kurzweil/Kurzweil ElectroDrum Prototype
Kurzweil/Kurzweil K2000
Kurzweil/Kurzweil K2500
Lei/Lel Dr-8
Lei/Lel PSR
Linn/Linn 9000
Linn/Linn AdrenaLinn1
Linn/Linn LM-1
Linn/Linn LM-2
Linn/Linn Linndrum
Maestro/Maestro G2
Maestro/Maestro Rhythm-Jester
Moog/Moog Modular55
Moog/Moog Voyager
Nintendo/Nintendo Game-Boy-Advance-SP
Nintendo/Nintendo Gameboy-LSDJ
Novation/Novation Bass-Station-2
Novation/Novation DrumstationV1
Novation/Novation Nova
Oberheim/Oberheim DMX
Oberheim/Oberheim DX
Oberheim/Oberheim Matrix 1000
Pearl/Pearl DRX-1
Pearl/Pearl Drum-X
Pearl/Pearl SC-40
Pearl/Pearl SY-1
Quasimidi/Quasimidi Rave-o-lution-309
Roland/Roland ARR
Roland/Roland BK-5
Roland/Roland CR-80
Roland/Roland CR1000
Roland/Roland CR68
Roland/Roland CR78
Roland/Roland CR8000
Roland/Roland D-10 L.A
Roland/Roland D-110 L.A
Roland/Roland D-2
Roland/Roland D-70 L.A
Roland/Roland DDR-30
Roland/Roland E10
Roland/Roland Electronic-Drum-Pad-EDP1
Roland/Roland JD-800
Roland/Roland JD-990
Roland/Roland JV-2080
Roland/Roland JX-305
Roland/Roland Juno-D
Roland/Roland Jupiter8
Roland/Roland M-OC1
Roland/Roland MC-202
Roland/Roland MC-303
Roland/Roland MC-505
Roland/Roland MC-808
Roland/Roland MC-909
Roland/Roland MC09
Roland/Roland MT32
Roland/Roland MV8800
Roland/Roland R-70
Roland/Roland R5
Roland/Roland R8
Roland/Roland R8 MKII
Roland/Roland RhythmPlus PB-300
Roland/Roland S-550
Roland/Roland SH-32
Roland/Roland SH3A
Roland/Roland SP-606
Roland/Roland SPD-20
Roland/Roland SPD-8
Roland/Roland SPD-S
Roland/Roland System 100
Roland/Roland TD-20
Roland/Roland TD-7
Roland/Roland TD10
Roland/Roland TR-1 Prototype
Roland/Roland TR-41 Prototype
Roland/Roland TR-909
Roland/Roland TR33
Roland/Roland TR505
Roland/Roland TR55
Roland/Roland TR606
Roland/Roland TR626
Roland/Roland TR66
Roland/Roland TR707
Roland/Roland TR727
Roland/Roland TR77
Roland/Roland TR808
Roland/Roland TR808 hifi set
Roland/Roland TR808 lofi set
Roland/Roland TR909 lofi set
Roland/Roland U110
Roland/Roland U220
Roland/Roland W-30
Roland/Roland XV-5080
Roland/Roland XV5080
Seeburg/Seeburg Rhythm Prince
Seeburg/Seeburg Select-A-Rhythm
Sequential Circuits/Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits/Sequential Circuits Studio-440
Sequential Circuits/Sequential Circuits Tom
Simmons/Simmons ClapTrap
Simmons/Simmons MTX9
Simmons/Simmons SDS-9
Simmons/Simmons SDS1
Simmons/Simmons SDS1000
Simmons/Simmons SDS200
Simmons/Simmons SDS2000
Simmons/Simmons SDS400
Simmons/Simmons SDS5
Simmons/Simmons SDS7
Simmons/Simmons SDS8
Simmons/Simmons SDX
Sony/Sony DPS-F7
Sony/Sony DRP-1
SoundMaster/SoundMaster SM-8
SoundMaster/SoundMaster SR88
SoundMaster/SoundMaster Stix ST-305
Star-Instruments/Star-Instruments Synare-3
Star-Instruments/Star-Instruments Synare-PS-1
Tama/Tama RockStar
Tama/Tama TS-206
Tama/Tama TS-305
Tama/Tama TS-500
Technics/Technics AX5
Technics/Technics PCM DP50
Technics/Technics U90
Univox/Univox MicroRhytmer12
Univox/Univox SR-95
Vermona/Vermona DRM1
Vermona/Vermona DRM1-MK2
Vermona/Vermona DRM1-MK3
Vermona/Vermona DRM2
Vermona/Vermona ER-9
Wersi/Wersi Prisma-DX5
Wersi/Wersi WM 24
Yamaha/Yamaha AN200
Yamaha/Yamaha CS-40M
Yamaha/Yamaha CS-5
Yamaha/Yamaha CS15D
Yamaha/Yamaha CS6
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-10
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-11
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-12
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-20
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-5
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-50
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-55
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-6
Yamaha/Yamaha DD-65
Yamaha/Yamaha DJX
Yamaha/Yamaha DTXpress
Yamaha/Yamaha DTXpress-II
Yamaha/Yamaha DX7
Yamaha/Yamaha EL-605 Electone C-605P
Yamaha/Yamaha EMR-1
Yamaha/Yamaha EX-5
Yamaha/Yamaha EX7 Drums
Yamaha/Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha/Yamaha MR-10
Yamaha/Yamaha Motif ES-Series
Yamaha/Yamaha Motif-ES6
Yamaha/Yamaha Motif-ES8
Yamaha/Yamaha PS-1
Yamaha/Yamaha PS-2
Yamaha/Yamaha PS-3
Yamaha/Yamaha PS-55
Yamaha/Yamaha PSR-16
Yamaha/Yamaha PSR-6300
Yamaha/Yamaha PSR-E323
Yamaha/Yamaha PSS-130
Yamaha/Yamaha PSS-140
Yamaha/Yamaha PTX8
Yamaha/Yamaha RM-50
Yamaha/Yamaha RM1X
Yamaha/Yamaha RS-7000
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-11
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-120
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-15
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-17
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-21L
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha/Yamaha RX-7
Yamaha/Yamaha RY-10
Yamaha/Yamaha RY-30
Yamaha/Yamaha RY-8
Yamaha/Yamaha RY20
Yamaha/Yamaha SHS200
Yamaha/Yamaha SU700
Yamaha/Yamaha SY22
Yamaha/Yamaha SY35
Yamaha/Yamaha SY85
Yamaha/Yamaha TG-33
Yamaha/Yamaha TG-55
Yamaha/Yamaha TX16W Typhoon-OS
Yamaha/Yamaha Tenori-On
Yamaha/Yamaha VSS-100
Zoom/Zoom MRT-3
Zoom/Zoom MRT-3B
Zoom/Zoom RT-123
Zoom/Zoom RT-234
Zoom/Zoom SB-246

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