MCD MPC-2000XL Blue

Pictures of the MCD MPC-2000XL Blue

First, thank you so much for all reactions I received about this search for a working CF/SD solution for the SP-808. You reach me through Mail, Facebook, Instagram and this website and that’s awesome.

I received a question about the internal hardware of the MCD MPC-2000XL Blue if I could share pictures of it. Well, sounds reasonable so here you go! 🙂
You will see a Carry Jupiter Rev. 1.2 chip which isn’t produced anymore.

Also the AMIC A276308AL-70 is discontinued.
Here a link to the data sheet of the AMIC chip:

DATASHEET AMIC A276308A (491 downloads)
MCD MPC-2000XL Blue
MCD MPC-2000XL Blue
MCD MPC-2000XL Blue
MCD MPC-2000XL Blue
MCD MPC-2000XL Blue

Meanwhile I’m in contact with someone who has probably a working solution but it needs to programmed correctly. I will NOT start a crowd funding project without any serious possibilities because I don’t want to make or create false promises.

We will manage it for sure, guys! 🙂


  • Akio Segawa

    Any progress on this? I’ve got an old sp-808 that’s been sitting in my garage for years. I bought it when it first came out to do some audio editing and production what feels like a million years ago haha. These days my son is super into music and audio production. I’d love to be able to upgrade this to a more modern storage solution and give it to him. I loved this thing back in the day.

  • Michael James

    Hey Roger.
    Could I buy a copy of the demo zip for the 808 from you? I’ll cover disk and postage. I don’t have an external drive, I have an internal ide one but no pc these days.